Jed’s living in a hut in [?]

Sarajane used to tell us stories about Jed. A world traveler, nomad, living everywhere from South America to India, surfing, white water rafting, riding motorcycles through Asia. It was like hearing stories out of my childhood dreams. But he was a real person, living them. 

We’d be out at some overpriced West Village bar, elbowing our way through the crowd to order a drink, and Sarajane would casually mention, “Jed’s living in a hut in El Salvador (it might have been Ecuador, who remembers such things) now.”

I couldn’t believe a person could actually do that. How come I never did that? 

When he came to visit Sarajane in New York we all went out to one of those East Village Indian restaurants with a comical abundance of Christmas Lights and a BYOB policy. I don’t remember too much about that first time meeting him except for the following:

1. He was with his girlfriend. They both seemed nice. 

2. I think I asked him a lot of questions about traveling and his life in general. 

3. He bore a striking resemblance to Sarajane (which in retrospect is an odd thing to say, but let the record show, in the interest of truth, I’ve said it dozens of times).

But that was it. I met Sarajane’s nomadic brother, nothing more, nothing less. In between then and now, which is either three, four or five years, I can’t quite say, he came to New York for a handful of visits. I just know that I’ve met him a few times. 

My interest in him peaked when he lived here for a 4-month stint, a couple of years ago. Sarajane, Dan, Jed and I went out one night and when I went outside of the bar to smoke, he followed me. I had been trying to play his wingman earlier in the evening, to which he said I was doing an awful job. I don’t remember too much about that time outside, just him saying something about me not being so much older than him and knowing that he was hitting on me. 

After that I lowered the age range on my Tinder to include males four years younger than me. I confessed this to him in Mexico, in the woods over a campfire that he taught me how to build. I guess when I lowered it, I was just, seeing what would happen?

He left New York, I’m assuming shortly after that, to some other place in the world. 

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