Ps I am going to my first surf lesson today 

Did you ever write letters with anyone? I did, with Julie and Krista. I knew them both from Carousel Day Camp in Hicksville, NY. I affectionately referred to Krista as my camp mom. She was my counselor one year and after that, I clung to her. She had this smile that was infectious. I worshipped her. She’s the reason I watched Friends, even though I didn’t get the humor at the time (Krista was five years my senior). I love Friends.

My real mom had breast cancer. She’s alive and well now. She’s been in remission for years. But, she came out of chemo and got a job as a bus driver at Carousel Day Camp because we couldn’t afford to send me and my brother and sister. She worked there so we could go to camp. My real mom, she’s, amazing. I don’t think she knows that I feel that way.

Anyway, Jed is a white water rafting guide. It’s a world I am unfamiliar with and fascinated by. He leads 14+ day expeditions on the Grand Canyon, in Tibet, Idaho… Jed, he’s amazing. I want to be amazing, but, I digress. Jed has no service on the river, so, letters.

I called the gym. They have my Benny Lewis book.

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